Flag of the Free


I’ve been dying to share this post, but I’ve been saving it for now so that it comes out just before we celebrate our nation’s independence!

My mother read book one in my dystopian trilogy, Chasing Liberty. She said she liked the themes on freedom, then she told me that she had written a poem about freedom when she was twelve years old.

She shared her poem with me. As I read this poem written by my very own mother, I was so excited! The last book in the Liberty trilogy, Fight for Liberty, has a special thread about our American flag and all that it represents.

betsy ross flag

In honor of our country’s independence and in honor of my mother, I give you “Flag of the Free” by Esther Thomas.

Flag of the Free

by Esther M. Thomas

In our country strong and free,
Waves the flag of liberty.
With its colors bright and true,
Where it waves for me and you.
There are some who work and fight,
That Old Glory may fly high.
There are those who pray and die,
For the flag that stands for right.
Right to freedom, right to speech,
Right to ideas, right to preach.
‘Tis the banner all free men
Will revere until the end.

 I get goosebumps when I read this poem. Go Mom! I love it!

As an American who loves our country, the home of the free and the brave, and as a Child of God who believes it is “for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Galatians 5:1) this poem really speaks to my heart! I hope that you enjoy it.
On July 4th, the final book in the Liberty Trilogy comes out. It is available for pre-order now. Although I love this book and am excited to share it with you, I have been so overwhelmed with other things in my life that I haven’t done much to prepare for release day. If you would like to help this book come out with a bang, consider ordering your copy in advance or on the release day. And tell a friend about the trilogy too!

I recently had the opportunity to share this trilogy with someone famous! This person, a popular television personality, said he would check them out and then he gave me an address to send copies. I will share more soon. I am hoping he loves them!
God bless America! Keep her strong and safe from all enemies. Keep each of one us free and in Your loving grace.

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