Ornamental Graces: New Christian Romance by Carolyn Astfalk


Christmas is on the way and we all know people who love to read. Why not check out this new release for the readers of Christian romance on your list?


After his duplicitous girlfriend left, Dan Malone spent six months in a tailspin of despair and destruction: emotional, physical, and spiritual. Just when his life seems to be back on track, he meets Emily Kowalski, younger sister of his new best friend.
Emily’s the kind of girl he’d always dreamed of—sweet, smart, and sincere. But he’s made a mess of his life and ruined his chances for earning the love and trust of a woman like her.
Could Dan be the man Emily’s been waiting for? How could he be when every time they get close he pulls away? And will he ever be free from his shady past and the ex-girlfriend who refuses to stay there?

An inspirational Christmas romance that spans every season.

My review: 

“This is a truly inspiring contemporary Christian romance. Dan Malone comes into the story with some baggage. Mistakes from his past and rejection from the woman he thought he loved has built a wall around his heart that blinds him to the possibility of a happy life. Then he meets Emily.

Smart, strong-willed and virtuous, Emily Kowalski is tired of waiting for life to happen to her. After learning that the only boy she’s ever loved is about to marry—and after a quart of ice cream and a prayer–she’s ready for a change. Dan and Emily meet in a Christmas tree lot. And Emily’s heart knows at once that this man is special. But it takes Dan awhile to feel worthy of another chance, especially when his past keeps coming back to remind him of his failures.

With flawed but loveable characters, this story delves into the real-life consequences of the choices we make in relationships. It brings out the importance of offering and accepting forgiveness, and gives hope to those who find it hard to let go of past mistakes and to forgive one’s self. Ornamental Graces is a story of love, faith, and passion that you won’t want to miss. This story will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and leave you with hope.”

You will want to check out the Book Trailer!

The book is available in eBook or paperback. You can get your copy here: Amazon Link

You can also find Ornamental Graces on Goodreads!

If you’d like to get started reading it, here’s a link to the first two chapters. You can get to know Dan and Emily right now!

Please also check out  Carolyn AstfalkCarolyn Astfalk’s Author website where you will find questions for book clubs, playlist, and recipes!

Carolyn is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild, Pennwriters, the Pennsylvania Public Relations Society, and 10 Minute Novelists. She blogs at My Scribbler’s Heart.

Stay With Me, her debut novel, is published by Full Quiver Publishing. Rightfully Ours, a coming of age story, will be published by Full Quiver Publishing in April 2017.

Stay With Me

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