Book promotion. Ugh.


I love writing! I could do it all day and all night… given the opportunity. Of course, I’m never given that opportunity because I live in the real world. I have a wonderful family, I homeschool my three boys, and we have to eat and do other time-consuming things like that.

I get time to write here and there, and I have an awesome husband who often takes the boys out for awhile or helps in other ways to make time for me to write. I don’t bring in a ton of money with my books, so one could consider it a hobby. Sometimes an expensive hobby. But my husband never belittles me as a writer. He encourages me and listens to my story ideas, lets me spend money on ISBNs and contests and websites and flyers and all those other things that go with writing and publishing. I probably don’t tell him enough how I appreciate him!

But I digress. This blog post is about promoting my work. Not my favorite thing to do. In fact, it’s not even in the top ten. I don’t know where on the list it is, but I avoid it like the plague! Part of me loves writing so much that I don’t care if I sell a single book. But the other part of me realizes that I write for others.

I long to find my audience, those people who would really enjoy my books! So I have to do something in order to find them.

Today I made an effort. I created a bunch of tweets about my books and a few quotes from wonderful Americans.  And I created a few promotional posters which I promptly posted on my Author Facebook page and Tumblr. And I don’t know what else to do with them, so I’m putting them all here.

If you or someone you love, might enjoy my books, please check them out! Ask your library to carry them and buy them as gifts for your friends!

roland piclife-change picbattlepic

lliberty pictesting liberty pic

fight for libertypic

Along with a group of awesome writers of Catholic teen fiction, my books are on this brand new website:   If you like my books, chances are you will like the books found here too!FB poster

Okay. There you have it! My promotional effort! Yay, me!

If you have a good idea for how an author can find his or her audience, please oh please, let me know!


2 thoughts on “Book promotion. Ugh.

  1. susiepeek66

    My sister told me to get on Bookbub. A writing course she took said featured authors there get good exposure. I’m not too familiar with it. Are you on it?


    • I don’t think I am on it. I believe that they accept only a limited number of books to actively promote, and authors have to pay but most get great results. I’ll have to look into it again. Thanks for the suggestion!


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