Blogging from A to Z Challenge: Letter B is for Battle and Beauty

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Blogging From A to Z April 2017 Challenge

I was thinking of the letter “B” yesterday, thanks to this blogging challenge. And I came bwordsup with so many big, beautiful “B” words!

It reminded me of the last Table Topics subject we were given in Toastmasters. We picked a letter of the alphabet from a jar and had to talk for 1-2 minutes about words that began with that letter.

Battle and Beauty

Writers know how important “battle” and “beauty” are to a story. Every story needs conflict. The battle can be internal or external, but it’s better when it is both.  We can all relate to internal conflict because we face it every day: self-doubt, selfishness, anger, stepping outside our comfort zone, taking the risk to stand up for what you believe, etc.

The internal battles are often as dramatic and maybe even more important than the external battles in which we find ourselves. When you get down to it, salvation is linked to the internal battle.

And what would a story be without beauty? What would life be without it? Characters are not satisfied with the mundane. That would be boring. They seek so much more. They long for the beauty of friendship, love, victory, success, or the beauty of conquering self in an internal battle.

Beauty speaks to the depths of our hearts. We are called to eternal beatitude with supreme beauty, the Blessed Trinity. All our longings for the good and beautiful are a reflection of the longing for eternal good and beautiful.

Since “B” is also for books, I now share three books which demonstrate the excitement of the battle in the quest for beauty.

Susan Peek’s fast-paced saint stories for teens (and adults):

3DStMagnus3DSoldierBlank bookcover with clipping path


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