A to Z Blogging Challenge: Z is for Zenith



“Z” is for Zenith!

I can’t believe I made it all the way through this blogging challenge! Thank you so much, to everyone who read even one of my blog posts. You’ve made it all worth while!

Zenith means the highest point, peak, or state. In writing that would be the climax of the story.

I am reminded of one of my characters when he felt he’d reached the opposite of that.

Since before he could walk, before he could talk, he’d had command. Of himself. Of his goals. Of others. Everything he wanted he could get. He had merely to desire something and, with little effort, it came to be. So this nadir of powerlessness and influence that had become his life should’ve caused him a bit of stress. But actually, it felt kind of good.  ~excerpt from Battle for His Soul

While Jarret is feeling pretty low at this point in the story, the plot is actually nearing its zenith!

climber-299018_1920.jpgOur stories develop with increasing tension and conflict, rising and rising as if we have been climbing a mountain, until all the events come together at the greatest moment of intensity: the mountain peak, the story climax. This is a turning point for the protagonist. He or she must reach deep inside and rise above weaknesses and fears to bring the victory. At the climax of the story, all problems and conflict must be resolved. This should be the most exciting part of the story. The antagonist is defeated, the treasure found, the battle won, the princess rescued.

To make the climax powerful:

  • make sure you’ve developed a strong protagonist that readers can care about
  • make sure the stakes are high and clear and that they are deeply important to the protagonist
  • make certain that every scene is shown vividly, weaving between action, dialog, thoughts, and other relevant details

It’s all down hill after the climax–the falling action and conclusion–so we want to keep that part short.

Happy writing! And thanks again! And a special thanks to Miranda Gargasz for the idea for letter “z”!


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