Summer & Books: The Three Most Wanted


Inspired by the A to Z Blogging Challenge this past April, I have decided to blog about books for the month of June. I will be sharing tidbits about my own books and the other books on the Catholic Teen Books website.

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Book two in your next fast-paced, mind-blowing dystopian! The chase is on! Corinna Turner gives us another exciting, fast-paced story with The Three Most Wanted.

About the Book:

“Bane? Take Margo and go. You’ve done everything that you can. Just leave me here. I’ll be fine.”
“No, you won’t,” said Bane.
“Fine. I won’t. Doesn’t make any difference now. Go.”


Having outwitted the EuroGov by rescuing an entire facility of teens destined for recycling, Margo is on the run. Together with Jon and Bane, she’s posing
as a summer backpacker. Their only hope is to keep ahead of the government trackers and somehow cross the continent to the last free state in Europe: The Vatican.

But just how long will that state remain free if the Three Most Wanted Fugitives
in Europe find refuge there?

Author Corinna Turner shares some “behind the scenes” that went into writing the second book in this series.

In the Three Most Wanted the main characters go on a very long trip across Europe, a lot of it by foot, but also by other means of transport. I would’ve loved to make the trip myself – for research purposes, of course! – but I lacked the time and resources. Since the book is set in the future, this was even less important than it might have been. So I have to confess that most of the French trip was based on a large road atlas that included terrain (which now sports a long pencil line marking their route), and good old Google Earth – with which one can now visit almost anywhere. Vatican State and Malta were a different matter – see the upcoming posts about ‘Liberation’ and ‘Bane’s Eyes’!

I did sample nettles whilst this book was underway! They can be safely eaten raw (if you know how to pick them) and they do taste like beans. But the wolf body language was something I already knew about, after researching for a previous novel from a different series in which one of the characters is… a werewolf! That book’s not yet published, but may be soon. Watch this space!

My review:

This is the first book in the series that I read, even though it’s book two, and I loved it! The EuroGov has taken control of everything and implemented unethical programs that all must live by. Margo has become a top rebel, standing up for what is right, good, and true, and many look to her for guidance. But now she, Jon, and Bane are on the run!

This is a gritty, action-packed adventure full of twists. Older teens and adults, especially fans of dystopian, will love it!

Margo and Jon became my favorite characters right away. I loved that a blind man was a main character and such a strong, selfless, capable character at that. I also liked the character Bane a lot. He struggles with a bit more than the others, in a sense, and he has a bit of growth to come (yes, I read the next two books in this series already).

Every character in this series is well-developed and I wanted to keep reading more about them after I finished the book. Highly recommend!

This book has the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval.
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Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have you stumbled upon a favorite book this summer? Tell me about it in the comments. Feel free to share a link.




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