Book Review: The Grace Crasher


516arGS316L._SX331_BO1204203200_It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so much while reading a book. This story has so many hysterical parts! I absolutely loved it!

The Grace Crasher opens with Julia and her best friend Robin in a Christian store, shopping for things that can help Julia look like she’s evangelical. She desperately wants to get an apartment but the landlady is a born-again Christian.

At one point, Julia tries on a shirt and turns her backside to Robin.

“Does this Jesus shirt make my butt look big?”

“Not big, just …trapezoidal.”

Then they move to the Bibles. Julia grabs the plain one that simply said Holy Bible because it seemed like the most Bible-ish one.

We soon learn more about Julia, her family, and her interests. She has a crush on Dylan Heath, the lead singer of a local indie band, but when she sees cute Mark, the store’s manager, she decides it’s a good idea to have a backup crush.

I must admit: it was Carolyn Astfalk’s review of The Grace Crasher that compelled me to get a copy for myself. Her book reviews are thorough and reliable, and I think we have similar tastes.

I cracked this book open (actually I read an ebook, so that phrase doesn’t really work) expecting to find a light, humorous, enjoyable story that I could read a little at a time before bed, and I was not disappointed. Author Mara Faro pokes fun at both Evangelical and Catholic Christians, but not in a mean way. It was all gut-busting fun! But as the story developed I also found surprising depth of character and story-line. The main character faces trials many can identify with and goes through a beautiful transformation.

Well-developed and realistic characters, along with the continuous humor, and the deeper spiritual insights made this a fantastic story that I highly recommend.

Other Reviews:

“A great take on infatuation vs. love, speaking the truth in love, and being true to yourself.” ~

“Julia’s path is a relatable one, and in her flaws and the flaws of the characters around her, we see ourselves and our own brokenness with delightful clarity.” ~

“Loved it! Fun, inspiring, quirky,…I had lots of laughs reading this!” ~Amazon review

Funny, insightful, and brilliant!” ~Vera A. Velk

A hilarious, poignant story that sets the broken love among families, friends, lovers, and fellow believers against the backdrop of God’s unfailing, patient, perfect love.” ~

You can learn more about the author Mara Faro at her website.

You can get the book on Amazon in both paperback or ebook format.

5 thoughts on “Book Review: The Grace Crasher

  1. Thank you for the great review! I have about 40k words of another novel (completely different characters and story) that I have been noodling around with, but I keep getting stuck. Maybe it’s because God wants me to write another novel in The Grace Crasher “world” instead. (Though perhaps I could do both; see fourth paragraph.)

    If I were to do a sequel or companion book, I have considered (SPOILER TO COME IN THIS PARAGRAPH! SPOILER ALERT!) Continuing the story of Julia and Mark, and much to J’s surprise, Mark becomes a very serious, uber-Catholic convert with his own blog, making things even more sticky with his Baptist mom, even annoying Julia in his enthusiasm, and bringing her to Latin Mass. I’ve already thought of a funny scene about her mistaking a black lace bra for a black lace chapel veil. Complications ensue. But the theme would involve more serious things, continuing the theme of real love vs. romance. (SPOILER DONE)

    Another idea was to write a book about J’s friend Tori. While Julia and her boyfriend from end of The Grace Crasher would be minor characters, it would focus on Tori adjusting to marriage. What happens when those “in love” feelings have settled down? What do you do when part of marriage is watching your husband eat Cheerios? Or when he sees you plucking out your upper-lip hairs? How do women who have past histories of being addicted to romance and crushes deal with real love and marriage to nice, steady guys, when it’s more routine and involves work?

    Oh, another idea, which isn’t really a spoiler because I won’t flesh it out here, is doing a novel about Julia’s mom in the early 90s when she was in college and rejected a nice guy in favor of J’s dad. Then we will fast forward to her present day, which will have its own challenges and changes. A big advantage of this idea, from a lazy point of view, is that I can use about 20k words of my existing manuscript for the early 90s scenes, with some adjustments.

    Well, I am open to any votes on this, as I am not sure what to write next! Of course, I should pray about it too.

    Thank you again, Theresa and Carolyn, for your kind words! It is a blessing for me.

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    • Oh, exciting! Thanks for sharing all that! I love having insider information from authors on my watch list! All those ideas sound terrific, but I would absolutely love to read the follow-up story of Julia and Mark. Your ideas sound like they could make for another hysterical story with a lot of depth!
      If you need a beta reader, count me in!


      • Thanks for the feedback! I hesitated about J and M sequel at first because I knew it would be darker (not scary dark but emotionally dark) because some real problems and doubts would be there. But, you know, that’s life and relationships, and probably a realistic sequel.

        Also, when I first finished writing the novel, I wasn’t sure I’d get many sales or reviews at all, and hesistated in investing more time in that story world. Then I found out that it’s almost always advised to write in a series. Doh! Had I started writing a sequel then, it would probably be almost done now. Sigh. Oh well, I can still do one.

        And it would be fun for me. While I was glancing through the manuscript on my hard drive to find an excerpt, I realized how much I really miss the characters and the world. Anyway, thank you!

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