Faith-filled YA Fiction – Freeing Tanner Rose


For Gabriel, Tanner Rose is just a superficial starlet, addicted to Hollywood. For Tanner, Gabriel is just a boring, kung fu-loving, Christian boy, who’s living a lackluster life in the middle of no-where. So, what happens when she’s forced to live in his world? It doesn’t take long before Tanner Rose craves a taste of her old life, even if it means upsetting a few people along the way. She thrives in the spotlight, after all! Will Gabriel’s faith encourage Tanner to change her partying ways or will her wild undertakings and addicting vices tempt him to do things he’d never, ever considered before?


Back at the house, Tanner allowed Miss Ruth to lead the way up the path to the door. She glanced at Gabriel, who followed quietly.

“Seriously?” A sneer hung on her lips and she narrowed her eyes. He didn’t say anything.
“Seriously, you don’t do anything?”

He sighed and looked at her as he continued to walk.

His mother disappeared into the house.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Are you guys, like, afraid to have fun or something? I mean, you don’t even have internet.” She gestured with her hands as she spoke. “You couldn’t even pretend to have a life. That’s how bad it is.” She shook her head. “I’m seriously going to die of boredom here.”

Gabriel stopped.

She stopped also and faced him.

“You are seriously one of the rudest people I’ve ever met.”

“I call it honest,” she said, her voice icing up.

“Of course, you would. Just so you know, my mother is the nicest person you will ever meet, so keep your honesty to yourself.” He was about to walk away, but then he stopped and looked at her again. “Unlike you, we don’t need to be constantly entertained for fear of facing reality.”

“Well, you should.” She pushed her face toward him. “Because your reality stinks.” She sniffed, lifted her chin, and walked past him, up the path, and into the house.

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T.M GAOUETTE is the author of the Faith & Kung Fu series for young adults, as well as The Destiny of Sunshine Ranch and For Eden’s Sake. She also contributed to the last Catholic Teen Books anthology, Secrets: Visible & Invisible with her short story “Sister Francesca.” A member of The Catholic Writers Guild and, her novels have received the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval or are in the process. Born in Africa, raised in London, England, Gaouette now lives on a small farm in New England with her husband, where she homeschools her four children, raises goats, and writes fiction for teens and young adults. A former contributor for Project Inspired, Gaouette’s desire is to instill the love of God into the hearts of her readers.

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Two worlds collide when a superficial starlet, addicted to Hollywood, and a boring, kung fu-loving, Christian boy cross paths!

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