This month, the Catholic Writers’ Guild is touring Carolyn Astfalk’s book, “All in Good Time. It is a 2020 CWG Seal of Approval recipient! 

Brian’s finally found the woman he’s meant for. So why is everything falling apart? Physical trials, old temptations, and a new menace threaten to keep him and Melanie apart.



With three rambunctious, young children, Melanie Lombardi can’t see beyond the day-to-day struggle to maintain her home and her sanity since her husband’s sudden death. A second chance at romance isn’t on her radar.

Brian Perella is done with dating, resigned to being the fun uncle and never the dad. Until he meets Melanie and her brood of lively kids on the sidelines of a Little League game. 

But when Brian uncovers a co-worker’s secret, it re-ignites a temptation that Melanie can’t know about. It’s his secret to keep until an unexpected diagnosis brings everything to the surface, jeopardizing his future with Melanie and her children, who, when threatened by an unknown stalker, may need him now more than ever.


He’d finally met the woman who was, quite literally, an answer to years of prayers. Hadn’t God confirmed as much in his heart?

To ask “Why me?” seemed arrogant. Why not him? Brian Perella was no better than anybody else. He didn’t deserve an exemption from suffering.

The question he couldn’t answer, the one that had already begun to fester deep in his soul, echoed in his mind.

Why now?

– Excerpt from All in Good Time

My Review:

The characters in this story feel so real. So three-dimensional. They have strengths and weaknesses, hopes and dreams, and face trials and challenges that many can relate to, especially in our contemporary culture.
Brian Perella loves kids and has wanted to be a husband and father, but he has yet to find “the one” and he’s almost given up. Then one day, it seems God has dropped the woman of his dreams—Melanie Lombardi—into his lap! He’s a solid character and he’s great with kids, but he’s not sure he wants to start dating. I really enjoyed the tension between the two main characters before they decided to see each other. As the story progresses, we find that his past failings affect his ability to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with Melanie. This theme is so well done and helped me really consider the temptations and effects of pornography even after a person has given it up.
Melanie Lombardi is one tough woman. At least on the outside. Her husband recently passed away, leaving her with three young children. My heart really ached for her at times. She is an extremely likeable character, a good mom who tries to be responsible—but one person can’t keep track of everything, and this leads to some chaotic and humorous incidents in the story as she deals with the trials and joys of life with three children. I both admired and, at times, could relate to this character and her challenges.
As the story develops, a mystery (a threat) begins to appear. I admired how the author did this—so subtle and yet relevant, as you discover in the end.
This fictional story is not only enjoyable because of the characters and storyline; it carries relevant themes—tough themes that aren’t often dealt with in fiction but should be. We can read articles and studies about the challenges of single parenthood and of losing a spouse and of the long-term effects of giving into temptation and pornography, but reading a novel that deals with these issues takes it to a deeper level. We get to see the thoughts and experience the feelings these characters have throughout their challenges, failures, and victories.
I highly recommend this story as a great, clean romance novel with three-dimensional characters and important themes.


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Carolyn Astfalk is a wife, mother, and author of contemporary Catholic romances Stay With MeCome Back to MeOrnamental GracesRightfully Ours, and All in Good Time. She formerly worked as a communications director and now works just to keep her head above water. Find her books on Amazon and her other words scattered around the blogosphere and social media.

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The ebook version will be on sale for 1/2 off (reg. price $4.99) through April 20.


A harried young widow. A reluctant bachelor with a shameful secret. An unseen threat to them all. 1/2 off in ebook! All in Good Time #CatholicRomance #Catholicsathome

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