West Brothers Series



Debut novel in a series of Catholic teen fiction, award-winning Roland West, Loner is “A heartwarming tale of friendship, faith, and forgiveness. Linden had me laughing on one page and crying on the next. The story stayed with me long after I closed the last page. Simply put, Roland West, Loner is the best Catholic fiction I’ve read in ages.” ~Susan Peek, Author of A Soldier Surrenders



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The second book in this series is Life-Changing Love. Hailed by Amazon reviewers: “Her work simply and humbly demonstrates the riches of the faith as they appear in the world, both externally and internally. In this way, she not only writes an engaging story, but also a clear invitation to the life of faith. We see here the light of a candle humbly shining, challenging the idea that such things are unmentionable in contemporary fiction.”


Blank bookcover with clipping pathThird in this series, newest release, Battle for His Soul.“Battle for His Soul has the power to change lives. Even though I’ve always known, intellectually, that we live among angels and demons, I seldom give it much though. Theresa Linden vividly depicts the spiritual beings as they praise, defend, tempt, and deceive. It’s allowed me to see with fresh eyes these forces at work in my own life. I think this is a spectacular book for teens. First, it introduces them to listening to God’s call in their lives and discerning their vocations. Second, it demonstrates the practical power of prayer. Third, since teens are probably even more susceptible than the rest of us to living in the here and now, its vivid depiction of the unseen spiritual forces surrounding us is eye-opening. And finally, this book has its place in the Year of Mercy with its sterling examples of showing compassion and mercy to all, regardless of whether they deserve it. It’s that act of mercy, that prayer, that fasting, that may just make all the difference.” ~An Open Book Family review


2 thoughts on “West Brothers Series

    • Thank you! Yes, I have just finished the first draft of the next one! And I have an outline and a few chapters for the one after that. These two stories take place around the same time but focus on different characters. Still working on titles.


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