A to Z Blogging Challenge: X is for Xavier



“X” is for Xavier

Oh yeah! You thought I couldn’t come up with something other than x-ray, xanthan gum, or xylophone! Or that I’d have to use some strange word no one has heard of before like xeroses or xyliod! (No, I have no idea what those mean.)

But here I am rocking it with a totally cool “X” is for Xavier!

This is my youngest son’s middle name. I asked him how he felt about his middle name, and he said he likes having “X” for his middle initial because it’s cool.

Names are so important. When parents discover they are expecting a child, the first thing they do is hit the baby name books and websites. We want to find a name that has meaning. It has to be perfect.


As a writer, I put similar effort into finding the perfect names for my characters. And I also hit the baby name books and websites. If I need a name in a crunch, I use name generators. The writing software that I use, Scrivener, has a built in name generator that gives you options including gender and origin. But there are plenty of name generators online too.

A few Name Generators:

Behind the Name

Fake Name Generator

The Character Name Generator

Seventh Sanctum – this site is one of 101 best websites for writers, according to Writer’s Digest

A few Baby Name Websites:


Baby Name Genie

Oh Baby! Names

All of the names in my dystopian trilogy have meaning, including the city names, which are named after people in the Deep Green or similar disturbing movements.

Roland in Roland West, Loner is named after Charlemagne’s nephew Roland (the subject of The Song of Roland). His mother chose this name because of her love of medieval and classical literature, and other reasons that come out in a story I have only written bits and pieces of.

Eugenie von der Leyen.jpgSome of my characters’ names are based on real people. For example, Jeannie Lyons, from my work in progress Unwanted Visitor, is named after Eugenie von der Leyen (1867-1929). Eugenie was a well-educated woman of high German nobility who kept a diary of the disturbing visits she received from souls of people who had died. I based my character on her, but I changed the year to modern times, and the location to New York. This will be the focus of my upcoming posts, after the Blogging from A to Z Challenge has ended.

How much effort do you put into creating names for your characters? And what resources do you use?