Writing Tips for Young Writers


I started writing when I was in grade school. It all sprang from a role-playing game that my sister and I made up. We used to pretend we were various characters from television or movies, then we made up and acted out our own stories. Because school kept getting in the way of play, we started writing our stories out–yes, during school. I’m not recommending that to students. Please pay attention to your teachers.

My sister and I took turns writing chapters in an ongoing story, each of us writing the characters into a cliffhanger that the other had to write them out of.  It was incredibly fun and really sparked our imaginations! We ended up creating many of our own characters and the most exciting, albeit bizarre, story lines. Some of the characters are in my stories today. I’m sure my sister recognizes them.

I recently created six newsletters packed with writing tips for young writers. I sent them weekly to students in our homeschooling group as they prepared for a Young Writers Day, where they presented books they wrote.

I am getting ready to send these Writing Tips newsletters out again, opening this up to anyone who is interested. Here’s what they cover:

Week 1: Genre, Theme, Story Problem
Week 2: Characters, Point of View, Opening Lines
Week 3: Conflict, Plot and Structure, Checklist
Week 4: Setting, Details, Strong Closing
Week 5: Dialog, Emotion, Tense
Week 6: Editing your work

If you are interested in receiving these for the young writer in your life, just let me know! You can comment here or send me an email: theresalinden@oh.rr.com

The first one goes out Wednesday, May 3rd. The others will come out weekly, on Wednesdays.

At the end of the six weeks, if anyone would like to share their story or part of their story, I would love to see it!

Happy writing!