Dystopian trilogy


Love for faith, family, and freedom inspired this dystopian trilogy. Expanding government and unrestrained developments in science and technology give me reason to pause. Developments in ethics do not seem to be on a par. If we continue down the path we are on, a path where faith and morals play little part in the development of society, where are we headed?

Explore these thoughts with me by reading Chasing Liberty, Testing Liberty, and Fight for Liberty. After much thought and discussion with others, I’ve written the last book in this trilogy to show some possible solutions. It comes out July 4th, 2016.

“Some regimes go out with a bang, others with a whimper. In Fight for Liberty, Theresa Linden takes the reader on a wild ride as Aldonia and its surrounds descend into chaos. Despite the seismic changes going on around them, Dedrick’s love for Liberty is steadfast. With each risky mission she undertakes, Liberty must consider where and how she can do the most good and whether her future will include Dedrick. Should she commit herself to bringing freedom to Aldonia, or are there other, more subtle ways she can make a difference? The final book in the Liberty Trilogy includes all the action and intrigue you’d expect along with the resolution of Liberty’s seemingly paradoxical quest to both be free and to belong.”

   ~Carolyn Astfalk, author of Stay With Me


“If you’re the type of reader who enjoys nail-biting suspense and plenty of adrenaline highs, then look no further than Theresa Linden’s heart-pounding novel, Testing Liberty.”

     ~Susan Peek, author of #1 seller St. Magnus the Last viking and other saint stories


Chasing Liberty “. . . grabs you right from the beginning!! Action packed, realistic characters the reader can relate to, and easily a story that I can actually see happening and becoming a reality in the not so far off future, which is very scary!!”

~Colleen Crowley, creator of Film Exploration, a film study curriculum