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To celebrate the upcoming school year, Shower of Roses is hosting a giveaway each Friday for the rest of August, featuring educational products and books.

This week’s Back to School Giveaway is sponsored by Catholic Teen Books. Two winners will win six books each! Stop by and enter to win!







Fatima – Extremely Relevant Today


All the violence, hate, and sin in the world is getting me down: the global and bloody persecution of Christians, human trafficking, the killing of the innocent, racial division, and violence perpetrated to suppress freedom of speech.

I want to offer hope with this post, to recommend a most powerful spiritual weapon, suggest a book for our times, and share new Rosary meditations.

padrepioPadre Pio once said that the Rosary is the weapon for these times. It is, after all, a meditation on the mysteries of our salvation: the life, death and resurrection of Our Lord. St. Pope John Paul the Great, and many other saints, encouraged us to pray the Rosary every day. Our Blessed Mother said that we can do more in one day of intense prayer than in years of discussion.

Remember the victory in the battle of Lepanto in October of 1571? Greatly outnumbered, the Christian defenders held off Turkish invasion through the power of the Rosary.

And what about this victory: On the anniversary of Fatima, in Austria, May 13th, 1955, 700,000 prayed the Rosary and the Soviets mysteriously left their country.

Visit Signs & Wonders if you want to see other amazing victories related to praying the fatima-book-coverRosary. Get inspired! We need to take up this powerful spiritual weapon today.

Here is the book I recommend for our times:

Catholic author Jean M. Heimann recently released Fatima: The Apparition That Changed the World

You might know something about the dramatic events that took place in Fatima 100 years ago. But in this book you’ll learn more. It not only recounts the apparitions and introduces you to the Fatima children, it contains over fifty beautiful illustrations and a timeline, setting the visions in context with historical events.

This 5-star book is available as an ebook or hardcover. I’ll be getting my copy soon.

I want to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Our Lady’s appearances at Fatima. And I want to encourage others to pray the Rosary. So I present these meditations which weave the messages given at Fatima with the joyful mysteries of the Rosary. We need to heed Our Lady’s messages now more than ever.

The Annunciation

In the fullness of time, the Angel of the Lord appeared to the Blessed Virgin Mary and announced that she would conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit. Mary consented to God’s will and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.

In 1917, in a small village of Portugal called Fatima, the Angel of Peace visited three shepherd children: seven-year-old Jacinta Marto, her nine-year-old brother Francisco, and their cousin ten-year-old Lucia Dos Santos.

The Angel prepared the children to receive the Blessed Virgin Mary and taught them how we should all pray: with fervor, attentiveness, and by showing reverence to God.

“Make of everything you can a sacrifice and offer it to God as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended, and in supplication for the conversion of sinners.”

As the Blessed Virgin said “yes” to the Angel of the Lord—and Christ came into the world, so let us say “yes” to Our Lady and let the peace of Christ spread through the world.

The Visitation

In this mystery, we think of our Blessed Mother’s love for others as she went out of her way to help her cousin Elizabeth in her time of need. Our Blessed Mother continues to go out of her way for others. At Fatima, she delivered a message in our time of need to help and guide the world to peace and salvation.

Our Lady appeared six times between May 13 and October 13. At a time when war and violence had torn civilization asunder, God sent His Mother with a message for every man, woman, and child living in our century.

“If My requests are granted,” Mary said, “there will be peace.”

In imitation of her selfless love, let us fulfill her requests for prayer, reparation, and consecration so that sinners may be converted and peace may come into our world.

The Blessed Nativity

Our Lord was not born in a palace. He did not come into the world in glory and grandeur for all the world to see. He came into the world secretly, first in the heart of Mary. Then he was born in a manger and only the shepherds and three Wise Men knew.

While the Messages from Heaven are for the world, the world does not welcome them. So Heaven confided Our Lady’s message to the three children of Fatima.

“Men must amend their lives, and ask pardon for their sins.” Our Lady insisted, “They must no longer offend Our Lord, Who is already so much offended.”

The world does not welcome the messages of Our Lady any more than it welcomed Christ at his birth. But you are here today because you have heard and welcomed the messages at Fatima. Let us do all we can to answer Our Lady’s call.


Faithful to their duties, Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to the temple to offer him to God, according to the Jewish law.

Sr. Lucia once explained that many people think penance implies great austerities, so they become discouraged and continue in lukewarmness and sin. Then she said Our Lord explained to her:

“The sacrifice required of every person is the fulfillment of his duties in life and the observance of My law. This is the penance that I now seek and require.”

Let us imitate St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother by faithfully attending to the duties of the Christian life: loving our families and helping others in need, especially the most vulnerable, the children in the womb.

The Finding in the Temple

Jesus was only twelve years old when he remained behind in Jerusalem. Not knowing where he was, Mary and Joseph experienced great anxiety. After three days, their sorrow turned to joy when they found him in the temple. Our Blessed Mother did not understand but she humbly accepted the will of God.

No matter the trial or how dark the world becomes, let us imitate the love, humility, and trust of Our Lady by helping others and by heeding her messages. She repeatedly emphasized the necessity of praying the Rosary daily, of wearing the Brown Scapular, and of performing acts of reparation and sacrifice, including the first Saturday devotions.

Our Lady let the children know that “Jesus wishes to establish throughout the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.”

Please pray the Rosary. And feel free to share these meditations. If you feel inspired to create Fatima Rosary meditations for the Luminous, Sorrowful, or Glorious mysteries, please share them with me!


CWG Book Blast! Molly McBride and the Purple Habit


I love to stumble across a good children’s book. All my boys are teens, but I still have shelves and shelves of children’s books. Since I don’t have any girls of my own to share this with, I am sharing it with everyone who reads my blog!

Molly McBride and the Purple Habit is a fun book for Catholic girls, and a wonderful birthday or First Communion gift!

“Catholic kids young and old are following the antics of the precocious 5-year-old redhead who dreams of becoming a nun when she grows up.”

mollyMolly McBride wants to be a nun, just like her friends, the Children of Mary Sisters. That’s why she hasn’t taken off her purple nun’s habit ever since her mom made it for her. But now, everyone is saying she needs to wear a scratchy new dress for her older sister Terry’s Big Event. Will Molly and her wolf-pet, Francis, find a way to keep wearing her purple habit? Join Molly and Francis as they learn all about nuns, habits, and being close to Jesus.

Reviews I found on Amazon:

“A lovely story with beautiful artwork.”

“Nice way to teach about those called to religious life.”

“The story line is adorable and educates little ones (and curious adults!) about cloistered nuns and their habits, while explaining the Catholic meaning of First Communion.”

“This book is pure delight! The sweet, spunky Molly and her stuffed pet Francis captured my heart in this lovely story for children about the beauty of Catholic sacraments.

Jean Schoonover-Egolf is a retired physician-turned-homeschooling mom/author/artist. She resides in Central Ohio (Go Bucks!) with her handsome hubby, 2 darling daughters, and 1 very lovable rescued “Huskador.”

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and her Website!

Jane Eyre Lives!


I loved this unique dystopian trilogy, and I am certain you will love it too! For a limited time, all three books in the The Memoirs of Jane E, Friendless Orphan are on sale for only 99 cents each.

I love the old classics but I also love futuristic stories. “Unclaimed: The Memoirs of Jane E.” combines both elements in a fun-to-read, hard-to-put-down book. With imagination and a great writing style, Erin McCole Cupp has created a powerful futuristic story that is a real thought-provoker. Science fiction readers will love the creative futuristic elements. At times humorous and other times heart-wrenching, this story delves into issues worth considering as society advances. Having developed a strong connection to Jane E, I found myself incredibly moved by a climactic scene where faith plays out in a natural but powerful way. I can’t wait to read more of Jane E.!

JaneEinstagrams (1) (002)

You can read an amazing review of the book on Catholic Reads.  If you haven’t heard of Catholic Reads, here’s what I found out about them on their website:

“We are a resource for Catholic readers hungry for fiction that explores their faith through creativity and fosters Catholic writers by promoting good books.”            ~excerpt from Catholic Reads mission statement

Kindle links:

Unclaimed (Book 1)

Nameless (Book 2)

Vanished (Book 3)

These book are also available in other formats:

Unclaimed on Nook, iBooks, Scribd, 24Symbols, Kobo, Inktera, !ndigo, Angus & Robertson, and Mondadori

Nameless on Nook, iBooks, Scribd, 24Symbols, Kobo, Inktera, !ndigo, Angus & Robertson, and Mondadori

Vanished on Nook, iBooks, Scribd, 24Symbols, Kobo, Inktera, !ndigo, Angus & Robertson, and Mondadori

Chasing Liberty Giveaway


liberty giveaway

Have you heard about my trilogy giveaway?

When I discovered that Fight for Liberty was going to be one of the books discussed on Sabbath Rest Book Talk, I got excited! Then I realized that this July 4th is the one-year anniversary of publishing the final book in the trilogy. So I decided to celebrate with a giveaway of the entire trilogy!

If you enjoy dystopian fiction that makes you think and takes you on a wild ride, I think you’ll enjoy this trilogy!

The government controls everything. The earth has been elevated above man. Faith, family, and freedom have been suppressed. A young woman seeks freedom.

This trilogy shows cutting-edge technology and developments in science. It is not farfetched. The ideologies come directly from actual, powerful special-interests groups that consider humans to be the “plague of the earth.” The third book, especially, has a strong American theme and takes readers back to the American Revolution. That’s why it was released on the Fourth of July!

Let us celebrate our country’s independence and our freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Enter to win the Chasing Liberty trilogy!

“It is a must read as this book takes you further in what happens to a society that is government run than the book Agenda 21 by Harriet Parke and Glenn Beck.”  ~Joe Goldner, co-host at The Truth Is Out There-Voice of the People Radio Show!

“Testing Liberty never disappoints as it treks through the wild, the underground, and sordid inner-city slums to prove that freedom isn’t free.”                                               ~Don Mulcare, Catholic Writers Guild

“Some regimes go out with a bang, others with a whimper. In Fight for Liberty, Theresa Linden takes the reader on a wild ride as Aldonia and its surrounds descend into chaos. Despite the seismic changes going on around them, Dedrick’s love for Liberty is steadfast. With each risky mission she undertakes, Liberty must consider where and how she can do the most good and whether her future will include Dedrick. Should she commit herself to bringing freedom to Aldonia, or are there other, more subtle ways she can make a difference? The final book in the Liberty Trilogy includes all the action and intrigue you’d expect along with the resolution of Liberty’s seemingly paradoxical quest to both be free and to belong.”              ~Carolyn Astfalk, author of Stay With Me

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And it is advertised on Reading is My Superpower






Summer & Books: Someday


Inspired by the A to Z Blogging Challenge this past April, I have decided to blog about books for the month of June. I will be sharing tidbits about my own books and the other books on the Catholic Teen Books website.

SOMEDAY Final US (002)

Another dystopian by Corinna Turner. Someday is the prequel to the Yesterday & Tomorrow series. All proceeds from the sale of SOMEDAY go to “Aid to the Church in Need.”

“I hope that reading SOMEDAY will help people living in a different culture, in a security most Christians, and indeed Muslims, in north-eastern Nigeria can scarcely imagine, to better understand what people are suffering here.” ~Ignatius A. Kaigama, Archbishop of Jos, Nigeria.

About the Book:

A retelling of the 2014 kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls from Chibok, Nigeria.


Ruth and Gemma have a Physics exam in the morning.
Becky and Alleluia are revising for college entrance tests. So it’s an absolute nightmare to be woken by the fire alarm in dead of the night.

But for them, and for 272 other girls from Chisbrook Hall girls boarding school, the real nightmare is just beginning.

Because ‘al-Qabda’ are taking them all away.
Whether they want to go or not.

Author Corinna Turner shares a bit about what went into writing Someday.

I did very little research for this book about anything other than the actual events concerning the real kidnapping of the Chibok girls, which I follow extremely closely. No research no doubt sounds like a very strange, even lazy, thing for an author to say, but it was a very deliberate decision. Anything ‘non-real life’ to do with the seizure or transportation of the girls, I made up 100%. I wanted it to sound plausible as one read it, but in no way be accurate.

In other words, I had no wish to write a ‘How to Kidnap Schoolgirls’ guide.

That is totally understandable, Corinna! And I am sure this was a hard book to write.

Amazon reviews:

“I love Corinna’s style of writing. Her novel about (fictional) abducted Christian girls by Muslim terrorists is based on real situations. She has me praying for real-life abducted Christian girls and looking forward to more in this series.

Cannot recommend this book enough. Read it aloud to my teens. Life changing.”

“This was not an easy book to read. It was not a fun book to read. But it was a very important book to read! It takes the events from the news of the Boko Haram Chibok school girls’ kidnappings and recasts it set in England.”

While this is a very relevant and important read, please note that the disturbing nature of what happened to these girls makes this a story that is not for the faint at heart.

This book has the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval.
logo color CWG SOA (002)
Learn more about Corinna Turner and her books:


Review Blog:

Face Book Author Page Author Page Author Page


Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have you stumbled upon a favorite book this summer? Tell me about it in the comments. Feel free to share a link.



Summer & Books: Mission Libertad


Inspired by the A to Z Blogging Challenge this past April, I have decided to blog about books for the month of June. I will be sharing tidbits about my own books and the other books on the Catholic Teen Books website.


Mission Libertad by Lizette M. Lantigua is based on the real-life struggles of the Cuban people.

About the Book:

Will Luisito fulfill his grandmother’s mission, and will they be united in the land of freedom?

Crack the Biblical code in this story of suspense, adventure, discovery, and faith! Fact and fiction converge in this thrilling tale of 14-year old Luisito Ramirez—a courageous boy who daringly escapes from 1970s communist Cuba— as he becomes immersed in American culture, and carries out a secret religious mission under the eyes of spies. Integrating Spanish vocabulary and Cuban culture, this novel for ages 10-14 provides an exciting story of the Catholic faith lived out during turmoil.

Amazon reviews:

“This is such a wonderful book with so many interesting aspects to it. First of all, it is a fabulous historic fiction for middle school and high school age kids about a time in history that I haven’t seen much written about. There is also an intriguing mystery aspect to the story that keeps the reader engaged and anxious to find out what will happen next. In addition, it has a beautiful religious element about this young Catholic who finally is able to explore and understand his faith. But my favorite part of the book is how the very likable main character experiences America for the first time. Lantigua does a masterful job of showing the heartbreak and devastation of a communist society through the eyes of this sweet and caring young man.

I especially liked how this book makes something that is a hot topic–immigration–and puts it into perspective. This book lays the foundation for what poverty could really look like in a Communist third-world country and contrasts it with the things Americans take for granted. It’s not done in a “open up and take THIS” kind of way, but as part of the setting and plot.

Learn more about Lizette M. Lantigua and her book:

Amazon author page

Facebook author page


Instagram: @Lizettemlantigua

Twitter: @LantiguaDesigns

Good News! Book Fair sites

Twitter Account: @GNBOOkFAIR

Instagram: gnbookfair

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have you stumbled upon a favorite book this summer? Tell me about it in the comments. Feel free to share a link.